It’s firefly season and Japanese people love going out to watch the fireflies (hotaru) in the evening. We have a small park near us called Hotaro Sato, which is an excellent place to see fireflies. We went there on Saturday night and managed to find two species: Genji Fireflies (genjibotaru) and Princess Fireflies (himebotaru). I brought one of each species home to take pictures/video (below) and then took them back to the park to release them.


Luciola cruciata = Genji Firefly (genjibotaru)
genji botarugenji botaru
QUICKTIME movie of Genji Firefly: (1.25MB)

Hotaria parvula = Hime (Princess) Firefly (himebotaru)
hime botaruhime botaru
QUICKTIME movie of Hime Firefly: (1.41MB)

Nice web site about fireflies:

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