4 thoughts on “Dere thoracica

  1. here’s a random question that is completely unrelated to this post. the other day while “hunting” woodlice jerome found one that had a small rounded yellow mound on it;s underside. was it an eggsack?

  2. Hi Cyndi,
    Yes, it sounds like the “brood pouch” (= marsupium) of the woodlouse. The female lays her eggs inside it and when these hatch, the young stay in the brood pouch, kind of like baby kangaroos, so the technical term for it is the marsupium.

  3. wow how interesting. thanks for answering my question. i told my son they were eggs so i just wanted to clarify. thanks Nigel

  4. Stupid me, the word “marsupium” is from the Latin for “pouch, purse” and so it’s used for both the woodlice egg pouch and for “Marsupialia,” the group of mammals containing kangaroos/koalas etc.

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