Warty Leaf Beetle

I’m not sure if “warty leaf beetle” is the real common name for this kind of beetle, but it seems to be apt. The one I found was so tiny (3mm) and just looked like a seed or something stuck to the leaf. Then it flew to another leaf, giving the game away, and instantly attracting my attention. I’m quite pleased with the side view – what a weird little creature!

I’ve just realized that, if I’m right, the Japanese name (mushikuso-hamushi) means “insect poo leaf beetle” – trust the Japanese to come up with the best name!!!

Chlamisus spilotusChlamisus spilotusChlamisus spilotusChlamisus spilotus

Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae
Chlamisus spilotus
warty leaf beetle = mushikuso-hamushi (lit. “insect poo” leaf beetle)

Location: In orchards and bamboo/pine forest above Yokoyama Village (Google map)

2 thoughts on “Warty Leaf Beetle

  1. Wow this is a amazing beetle!
    O ya just wanted to let yoou know I got a A+ on my project every one wanted to touch my stag beetle thats right I found one but thank yo u for every thing I found out I’m moving in june so I’m Japan.

  2. Hi Trace,
    Congratulations on the A+ grade for your project.
    It’s also great that you found yourself a stag beetle.
    It’s a pity that you’re leaving Japan.
    Best wishes,

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