Snorkelling at Kanezaki

We went to the beach near Kanezaki yesterday. It takes just ten minutes to drive there from our house and it’s one of our favourite places in the world. I donned my wetsuit and snorkelled while Shinobu and the kids scrambled around on the rocks, collecting hermit crabs (yadokari) and shells.

Visibility in the water was pretty good, and there certainly was a lot to see. I must buy a book of Japanese sealife so that I can start to identify the fish I see on these dives. I also need an underwater camera of course, but that’ll have to wait. Anyway, I saw a lot of fish there yesterday!

I caught an octopus (tako), a large brown sea hare (ame furashi), and a star fish (hitode). Also found my first abalone (awabi).

Here are the pictures:

Aya and Rei on the beach at KanezakiSnorkellingToday's catchOctopusSea hareSea harestar fishstar fish with hermit crabs

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