I went for a long walk through the forest and fields near Munakata Common, with my camera at the ready to try to get some shots of Daurian Redstarts (Joubitaki), since there are so many in the area and I’m still not satisfied with my photos. These ones are a little better (maybe!). The first three photos are of a male and the final one is of a female. As you can see, the sexual dimorphism is striking.

By the way, the Daurian (DAW-ree-an) Redstart is named after the Dauria (TransBaikal) region of Russia, as are several other species. More info: here.

Order: Passeriformes; Family: Muscicapidae
English: Daurian Redstart; Japanese: Joubitaki
Scientific: Phoenicurus auroreus

Location: Near Munakata Common (google map here)