Mantis at Ikeura Dam

I went for a walk at Ikeura Dam with the kids this morning. The final week of November but the temperature was a balmy 18 degrees C. We saw plenty of butterflies and grasshoppers, but the best find of the day was this giant praying mantis (oo-kamakiri).

Ikeura DamIkeura DamIkeura DamTenodera aridifoliaTenodera aridifoliaTenodera aridifolia

Class: Insecta; Order: Mantodea; Family: Mantidae
oo-kamakiri = Japanese Giant Mantis
Tenodera aridifolia

Link to Google map: here
(Note: The map does not show this reservoir because it’s a new one.)

3 thoughts on “Mantis at Ikeura Dam

  1. Hello, I love your website (I even put a link to your website on my blog). This week I found a Mantis in my garden, well actually I rescued it from my Beagle puppy who thought it might make a good toy for her. I was surprised that ‘we’ found a Mantis this late in the year in our garden. After rescuing it (she is pretty gentle with things) I put it on a hanging flower basket that we have, which usually attracts little bee-like flies and butterflies to it. I immediately thought to check your website to see how long these creatures live, since I thought they died off in the autumn and I was surprised to see your post here Nov 25th that you also found a Mantis recently. I just checked our flower basket today again (Dec 3rd) and the Mantis is still hanging around on it. We noticed a few days ago some insects buzzing around the flowers and the Mantis was intently watching them. I suppose it has been getting something to eat this week. I have posted some photos and comments about it on my blog if you are interested in looking! (

    Terri Nakamura

  2. Hi Terri,
    Thanks for your comment and link. It sounds like your mantis will survive for a bit longer! I found some more today (December 3rd) but they were looking really tired and tatty. Probably won’t live much longer – another couple of cold nights will kill them off I guess…
    I’ll check out your blog soon.

  3. Fantastic kamakiri! They really are majesthetic creatures!
    By the way, I would like to do link exchange with you! Your site is beautiful.

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