Biting Assassin Bug

Shinobu was woken up at 3 a.m. by a burning bite on the forehead from an assassin bug (kuro-satsu-game). She slapped it away and then managed to squish it in a tissue (remarkably without damaging it too much – thankyou Shinobu!).

Although the bite is painful, this species is not dangerous and assassin bugs are not thought to be disease vectors in Japan. However, Chagas Disease in C. & S. America is carried by other types of Reduviids, in the sub-family Triatominae, commonly known as “Kissing bugs.” Chagas Disease kills 40,000 people a year!

Peirates cinctiventrisPeirates cinctiventrisPeirates cinctiventris

Hemiptera: Reduviidae (assassin bugs)
Black Assassin Bug = kuro-satsu-game
Peirates cinctiventris

Factsheet about Assassin Bugs from Queensland, Australia: