Yokoyama Village

No fantastic photos today… Just had a nice time walking through Yokoyama Village and up past a small lake then into the forest on the mountainside. From our home it only takes 5 minutes on foot to get to the start of this walk, so we should go there more often. I went during the winter, but I’d forgotten about it so today was the first time this summer. I thought I should write a blog entry about the walk so as to remind me what a special place is on our doorstep!

The aerial photo (adapted from google maps) shows the route. I decided to rename the pond “Kingfisher Pond” because there was a beautiful little kingfisher there today and I was lucky enough to watch him fly just above the surface of the water all the way across the pond. Twice. I often see kingfishers when I’m walking alongside the local streams, but this was the first time I’d watched one fly right across a large pond. Stunning sight, but rubbish photo I’m afraid!

Sitting on the dam was wonderful – mountain view, the kingfisher, lots of dragonflies, and swifts smacking into the water to catch insects (or maybe to cool down!). I’m sorry that the photos didn’t come out so well, but I hope it’s easy to understand what a great location this is.

YokoyamaYokoyama VillageKingfisher Pondswiftswiftdragonflieskingfisherfish in the pond