Japanese Oak Silkmoth

Driving home from the cinema last night, I stopped to see what I could find on/around one of the most attractive (to moths!) signboards in the area. It’s a sign advertising a ramen noodle restaurant and it’s very near Fukuoka University of Education (see aerial photo here).

There were lots of small moths all over the board plus several hawkmoths in the vegetation nearby, but the moth that made my evening was this one, a huge Japanese Oak Silkmoth (yamamayu). With a wingspan of around 13cm, it’s one of the biggest moths in Japan. Unfortunately this specimen had seen better days and was somewhat tatty, but it was still a beautiful insect!

signboard near FUEAntheraea yamamaiAntheraea yamamaiAntheraea yamamaiAntheraea yamamaiAntheraea yamamai

Lepidoptera: Saturniidae
Antheraea yamamai yamamai = yamamayu (Japanese Oak Silkmoth)

Location: Signboard near Fukuoka University of Education (google map link)