Cystidia Moth

Found in the grounds of Fukuoka Women’s University. This moth is not a good flier and is therefore presumably poisonous (if eaten by birds I mean), hence the bright colors. I couldn’t find a common name for this species, but its Japanese name is hiroobi-tombo-edashaku. A related and very similar-looking species (Cystidia couaggaria) is a pest of apples and other fruit trees – the caterpillars are referred to as plum cankerworms.

Cystidia truncangulataCystidia truncangulataCystidia truncangulataCystidia truncangulata

Lepidoptera: Geometridae (shakuga): Ennominae (edashaku)
Cystidia truncangulata = hiroobi-tombo-edashaku.

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  1. Hi, this is a great site. I found it looking for pictures of the shimahebi. This morning, I caught one, on my way to work. Some guys were poking it w/a stick. I didn’t know what type it was but I could see it wasn’t a mamushi, it looked like a rat snake or a big garter. So I picked it up, and released it in another canyon.

    They all seem really scared of snakes here, in Japan. Anyway, if you want to see pics, they are here at
    Keep up the great photos of the wildlife here! Its my first spring in Japan (Sendai) but I’ve seen some great stuff.

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