Dragonfly catches butterfly

On top of Mt Yukawa. This big dragonfly zoomed in and grabbed a butterfly right in front of my eyes. Very impressive!

I took a few photos but the dragonfly flew off, still carrying the butterfly. About half an hour later, by chance, I came across the half-eaten butterfly further down the hill.

Anax nigrofasciatusGraphium sarpedon nipponum

Anax nigrofasciatus = kurosuji gin yanma

Graphium sarpedon nipponum = aosuji ageha

2 thoughts on “Dragonfly catches butterfly

  1. Hello Nigel:

    I’m John and I’ve recently moved over to the Shimabara Peninsula in Nagasaki. I’ve been here since the end of March, and will stay one or two years. I have a keen interest in wildlife photography (especially herps) and hiking. Since coming to Japan I’ve photographed several species of herptefauna, and my main targets are snakes. Anyway, I found your site while looking up references for mamushi (I photographed a juvenile one last night!) and thought I would get in touch with you as it’s nice to find someone with similar interests in the northern Kyushu area.



  2. Hi John,

    Thanks for contacting me. I hope that you manage to get some shots of the snakes in Nagasaki.
    I will also email you privately.

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