Black kites (tobi) are really common and we regularly see them circling high above our area, but the best place to see them is along the coast. We went for lunch at a fish restaurant today and then wandered around the rocky shore, watching the kites riding the thermals above the cliffs of a small island. They are marvelous to watch, but we know their other side, having had food stolen by them in the past! Once we were sitting under a cliff eating a picnic and one swooped down and grabbed a sandwich right out of my hands, just as I was about to take a bite. It was so fast that I didn’t see it, and so it seemed like my sandwich had exploded in front of me. Quite a shock!! Anyway, I still love watching them.

Black kite islandblack kitesBlack kiteBlack kiteBlack kitesBlack kite

Order: Falconiformes (Birds of prey; raptors)
Family: Accipitridae (Hawks, eagles, kites, harriers)
Milvus migrans
Black Kite = tobi