Brown-eared Bulbul

There were a couple of these brown-eared bulbuls (hiyodori) in trees next to the river in Tagawa, but I couldn’t get anywhere near them. They are very jumpy! These birds are common in Japan in the winter and they also visit my garden, so we often hear their noisy screeches.


Order: Passeriformes
Family: Pycnonotidae
Brown-eared Bulbul = hiyodori
Microscelis amaurotis

2 thoughts on “Brown-eared Bulbul

  1. That’s exactly it! I hear one in the garden, get my camera ready, slowly move the curtain to one side, hold up the camera and in the second I’m focussing, off it goes. Then, later on, I’ll walk out of the house without my camera and see it (or another one) sitting on a branch in full view. Aaarghhh…
    Anyway, I’ve bought a small portable camouflaged hide, so I’m hoping to get some good shots soon.

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