Grey Starling

Grey starlings (makudori) are also known as white-cheeked starlings. They are very common in the winter in Japan and I often see them, but I haven’t had much luck photographing them. These shots were taken by the river in Tagawa, where I spotted a group of about seven or eight. This species is considered a pest due to the noise/faeces from large flocks in city trees, and also because they eat fruit.

gray starlinggray starling

Order: Passeriformes
Family: Sturnidae (starlings)
Grey starling = makudori
Sturnus cineraceus

2 thoughts on “Grey Starling

  1. I know, everyone hates them. In the US too…but I think they’re really interesting birds and have always been very fond of them!

  2. Living in the countryside as I do, I’ve not really noticed these birds being much of a nuisance. I think it’s in cities where they disturb people. Similarly to you, I think they’re rather endearing.

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