Japanese grass lizard

We have so many lizards in our garden and we all enjoy watching them basking in the sun or stalking insects and spiders. It takes patience to sneak up on the adults to take photos but they are very photogenic creatures. We also occasionally find their eggs in a patch of ferns in the corner of the garden. The young lizards are tiny and look so cute and vulnerable as they crawl through the grass (although “cute” and “vulnerable” are probably not apt to describe their appearance from an ant’s perspective!!)

Takydromus tachydromoidesTakydromus tachydromoidesTakydromus tachydromoidesTakydromus tachydromoides

Reptilia: Squamata (scaled reptiles): Lacertilia (lizards): Lacertidae (wall lizards)
Japanese Grass Lizard: Takydromus tachydromoides (nihon kanahebi)