Dung Beetle

Found a couple of these dung beetles on the road next to a rice paddy. The Japanese name is senchikogane. The first part of the name senchi is the old name for Japanese toilets (holes in the ground) and the second part kogane is the name for this group of beetles (scarabs).

Geotrupes auratusGeotrupes auratusGeotrupes auratusGeotrupes auratus

Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae
Geotrupes auratus (oosenchi kogane)

4 thoughts on “Dung Beetle

  1. Hi Nigel
    I was in the bookstore today and happened upon what seems to be a decent insect field guide for Japan. It comes in two volumes and is terribly expensive (????4660 per volume), but I bought them anyway. It is in Japanese, but does have Latin names which is good enough for me.
    I scanned the book jacket and can mail it to you if you are interested.
    Melody McFarland

  2. Hi Melody,
    Thanks for the info. I think I know the books you mean, published by Hokusha. I bought the four guides to the Coleoptera of Japan. As you wrote, they are pretty expensive, but I think they are well worth the expense. I just wish my Japanese was good enough to use the keys!!
    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Trace,
    Yes, I agree that dung beetles do look a bit like female stag beetles. The different points are: the stag beetle has bigger mandibles (mouthparts); the stag beetle’s elytra (wingcases) are smoother; the dung beetle is rounder.
    Thanks for your comment,

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