Giant carabid

I met this huge carabid walking at high speed along the path towards me. It was very easy to catch but was pretty aggressive, with large mandibles. At about 50mm long it was a very impressive specimen. It’s called a maimaikaburi in Japanese and it eats snails, hence the elongated head/thorax allowing it to get right up into the snail shell. This shape apparently looks like a violin, so it’s sometimes called a “fiddle beetle.”

Damaster blaptoidesDamaster blaptoidesDamaster blaptoidesDamaster blaptoides

damaster blaptoides (maimaikaburi)

1 thought on “Giant carabid

  1. WOW! That is a very amazing creature at the same time amazing and plus I’ve never seen or heard of any thing eating a snail right when i saw it I new it was … different and special

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