Saw Longhorn Beetle

It had just started raining and I was rushing home when I spotted something pretty big in among the leaves of a bush next to the path. Almost missed it, but stopped and found this beautiful specimen! It’s called a Saw Longhorn Beetle (nokogiri kamikiri) due to its serrated antennae (which look like a Japanese saw). With a body length of around 40mm, this is one of Japan’s bigger longhorns. I brought it home to take a few pictures in the garden (better lighting).

Prionus insularisPrionus insularisPrionus insularisPrionus insularisPrionus insularisPrionus insularis

Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Prioninae
Prionus insularis = nokogiri kamikiri

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  1. Hello – just wanted to say hello.

    My name’s Martyn – originally from Cardiff, Wales, now residing in Kumamoto, Kyushu.

    I also have a growing interest in insects (although no formal study). Before I came to Japan, I have been a photographer and Interaction Designer (studied computer science at uni, then designed and programmed websites, eLearning applications and games)

    What is your involvement in eLearning in Japan?

    I’d love to get back into the field some how.

    Anyway, please send an email when you have free time.


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