Japanese White-eye

In a wooded area next to an orange grove.

Zosterops japonicus
(Not the best picture in the world.)

Passeriformes: Zosteropidae
Zosterops japonicus = Japanese white-eye (mejiro)

2 thoughts on “Japanese White-eye

  1. Hi Nigel
    I just found your website while looking for information on insects in Japan. Is there a field guide – in English – you would recommend? I will not be surprised if there is none in existence. I am interested in birds and there is a dearth of English guides.
    Melody McFarland
    Yokosuka, Japan

  2. Hi Melody,
    Unfortunately, I haven’t found any guides to Japanese insects in English. Some of the children’s books are pretty good and they have furigana above the kanji, so they are much easier to understand. For example:
    “New Wide” children’s encyclopedia of insects.
    I remember seeing a field guide to the birds of Japan in English several years ago, but it seems to be out of print now. You might be able to find it in a library or used book store.
    I hope you find something to help you. Once I get the time, I’ll be putting together an insect identification website called japanbugs.net but it will be a while yet I’m afraid!!

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