Mt. Tsurugi in Kurate

It was a beautiful morning, so I decided to visit Mt. Tsurugi Nature Park (tsurugidake shizenkouen), which is located in Kurate, Fukuoka Prefecture. I drive within about a kilometer of the park every morning on my way to work, but this was only my second visit. After finding the place so full of flowers and insects, I’ll certainly be calling in again (maybe even tomorrow!!).

This small hill is only 125m high but was the site of a castle in the 15th century. The lane that leads to the park is well sign-posted (in English too) and there’s a parking area very near the top of the hill, so it’s a pretty convenient place to visit. It’s just off the main road between Munakata (Fukuoka University of Education) and Kurate, near the point where the road goes under the expressway and shinkansen line. Here’s a map link (yahoo maps).

Mt. Tsurugi car parkMt. Tsurugi path
Parking area and path up to the summit of the hill

Mt. Tsurugi picnic areaMt. Tsurugi flower field
Picnic area and flower field

Mt. Tsurugi flower fieldMt. Tsurugi flower field
Flower field

Mt. Tsurugi castle informationMt. Tsurugi summit shrine
Castle information board and summit shrine