Green Pheasant

If anyone had seen me stalking this green pheasant (kiji) they’d have had a good laugh! I followed him, crouching or crawling (me not the bird), for about a kilometer through the fields, snapping a few far-off shots, before finally managing to get some pretty decent photos when he reached a deadend (and just before he blasted off across the fields).
The green pheasant is common in Japan and is the national bird. It appears on the back of our highest denomination paper currency, the ten thousand yen note/bill (link to picture here).

Green PheasantGreen PheasantGreen PheasantGreen PheasantGreen PheasantGreen Pheasant

Order: Galliformes
Family: Phasianidae
Phasianus versicolor
Green Pheasant = kiji

6 thoughts on “Green Pheasant

  1. Ive found a pheasant very much like this one. Only difference is that the birds wings have the same color as the chest. I would like to identify this bird since i’ve never seen one like this around our ranch that mostly have ringneck pheasant and peacocks. I so like your pictures. Nice done. You got a few before he flew.

  2. Hi Kicki,
    Thanks for your comment. I hope you get some good photos of your pheasant!

  3. Hi Mehmet,
    Thanks for your questions.
    I’m sorry, I don’t know the subspecies…
    The photos were taken in Munakata, near Fukuoka, Japan.

  4. Hi kicki, the pheasant you saw is also a common pheasant (maybe not from the ringneck subspecies) but has a mutation called melanistic mutation, which cause him to have alot more melanin pigment making him darker then their cousins (much like the pet buggies have lots of colors because of many mutations).

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