Flower Longhorn

This longhorn was a little tough to identify because the pictures in my beetle books show much more patterning on the elytra (hence the name 8-spotted). However, I eventually found out that this species shows enormous variation in patterning and one form is quite plain like this specimen. Anyway, I’m pleased with my photos because they show the beetle on a flower and it belongs to the group of flower longhorns – so it must be in its natural habitat!!

Leptura arcuata mimicaLeptura arcuata mimicaLeptura arcuata mimica

Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lepturinae
Leptura arcuata = yatsuboshi-hana-kamikiri
(literal translation = 8-spotted flower longhorn)

Location: Park near Nogata (= mizumachi-iseki-koen)
Google map: here