Scorpion Fly

Scorpion flies (shiriagemushi) are pretty weird-looking creatures! They have curled up tails (hence the name) and very distinctive “beaks.” Despite their appearance, they are harmless insects. They are also a very ancient group of insects, some 25o million years old, and some species are known as living fossils.

Mecoptera: Panorpidae
Scorpion fly: Panorpa japonica: shiriagemushi

scorpion flyscorpion flyscorpion fly

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10 Responses to Scorpion Fly

  1. Trace says:

    Wow … this looks like this would in a insect sci-fi movie this is a pretty bug

  2. Wes Bicha says:

    How many species of scorpionflies have you on Kyushu and what is there peak flight season?

  3. Jose says:

    i found an insect just like this in Missouri

  4. Steve says:

    One of these was in my garage this morning. Austin, Tx.

  5. Joel A says:

    I found two of these in Manor, Tx

  6. Ponce says:

    I got video of one here in Del Valle Texas
    It freak my dad

  7. Dawn says:

    Found one in Estonia.
    Apparently widely spread species.

  8. daisugi says:

    wow..a very beautiful insect, i never seen it before.

  9. Steve says:

    All over yard just south of Chicago. Watched one attack a Bumblebee.

  10. organgrinder says:

    I’m from the Netherlands and one landed on my leg. Too bad he flew off just b4 i could get a clear shot but you can see the tail pretty well on the pic 😀

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