Scorpion Fly

Scorpion flies (shiriagemushi) are pretty weird-looking creatures! They have curled up tails (hence the name) and very distinctive “beaks.” Despite their appearance, they are harmless insects. They are also a very ancient group of insects, some 25o million years old, and some species are known as living fossils.

Mecoptera: Panorpidae
Scorpion fly: Panorpa japonica: shiriagemushi

scorpion flyscorpion flyscorpion fly

10 thoughts on “Scorpion Fly

  1. Wow … this looks like this would in a insect sci-fi movie this is a pretty bug

  2. How many species of scorpionflies have you on Kyushu and what is there peak flight season?

  3. I’m from the Netherlands and one landed on my leg. Too bad he flew off just b4 i could get a clear shot but you can see the tail pretty well on the pic 😀

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