Woods & Fields

I spent about 4 hours wandering around the small area of woodland about 100 meters from our house. The area has several clearings (sweet chestnut groves), a couple of ponds, and some mikan (orange) groves. Hardly anyone ever goes there and it’s a wildlife haven. The perfect place to spend a day looking for bugs.

chestnut grovedeadnettles and vetchCow parsleyorange grove
deadnettlesdeadnettles and vetch

Some of the most common plants:
sweet chestnut: kuri
dead nettle: odorikosou
vetch: karasunoendou
hedge parsley: yabujirami (seri-ka) – covered in bugs!

Great website for plant identification: http://www.botanic.jp/index.htm
Another plant website: http://www.mitomori.co.jp/hanazukan/hanazukan.html

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2 Responses to Woods & Fields

  1. Tony says:

    Firstly, you have a beautiful family! This is a one of a kind website. I have never seen such a large collection of insects. Good deal.

  2. Nigel says:

    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for the positive comments!
    I’ve been busy with other things recently and not had time to add more photos/posts. Hoping to get back into it later in the year.
    Best wishes,

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