April 2010

I’m pretty certain that this identification is correct, but this butterfly has different markings to the typical ones in all of my butterfly and insect books, which are for mainland Japan. However, the markings are very similar to those for the same species found in Tsushima (between here and Korea): website here.

Lethe diana

Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae
Lethe diana

Location: In the forest above Yokoyama Village in Munakata (map).

The highlight of my day today was going for a walk through our local forest park (fureai-no-mori). I found several of these large (8mm) black and red carpenter ants feeding on the nectar of wild strawberry flowers.

Camponotus hemichlaenaCamponotus hemichlaenaCamponotus hemichlaenaCamponotus hemichlaena

More information at JAnt: here

Hymenoptera: Formicidae
Camponotus hemichlaena
Carpenter Ant = Nishi-muneaka-oo-ari

Location: Fureai-no-mori near Munakata Common (map).

We spent most of the day at a Spring Festival in the small village of Shousuke-mura in Munakata. The cherry blossom and oilseed rape looked really good together. At 22 degrees C, it was a hot day for the beginning of April.

Shousuke mura
Shousuke muraShousuke mura

Location: Shousuke-mura near Global Arena in Munakata (google map)

I don’t normally take many pictures of flowers, but I thought these Gentians were too pretty to miss!


Location: Shousuke-mura near Global Arena in Munakata (google map)

Bothrogonia ferruginea

Hemiptera: Cicadellidae
Bothrogonia ferruginea
Black-tipped Leafhopper = tsumaguro-oo-yokobai

Location: Shousuke-mura near Global Arena in Munakata (google map)

The male of this species has enlarged hind femurs.

Oedemeronia lucidicollisOedemeronia lucidicollisOedemeronia lucidicollisOedemeronia lucidicollisOedemeronia lucidicollisOedemeronia lucidicollis

Coleoptera: Oedemeridae
Oedemeronia lucidicollis
false blister beetle = momobuto-kamikirimodoki

Location: Shousuke-mura near Global Arena in Munakata (google map)

This Japanese Peach Weevil was sitting on a leaf in the garden, directly below a peach tree. This species is a significant pest of peaches, pears, and apples. Unfortunately it was getting dark so I couldn’t get a decent photo, but I hope you can see the beautiful copper color of its elytra.

Rhynchites herosRhynchites herosRhynchites herosRhynchites heros

Coleoptera: Curculionoidea
Rhynchites heros
Japanese Peach Weevil: momo-chokkiri

Location: Garden in Munakata Common (Google map)