Giraffe Beetle

This type of long-necked leaf-rolling weevil is sometimes called a giraffe beetle (for obvious reasons).

Cycnotrachelus roelofsiCycnotrachelus roelofsiCycnotrachelus roelofsi

Coleoptera: Attelabidae
Cycnotrachelus roelofsi
giraffe beetle = egotsurukubi-otoshibumi

Location: Near Munakata Common(Google map)

Reindeer Beetle

“Reindeer Beetle” is not the official name of this click beetle, but my kids thought it was the best name! The male uses these huge feathery antennae for detecting females. I found two males today in two different places, so this is obviously their season. I found a female beetle last June (see here).

Pectocera fortuneiPectocera fortuneiPectocera fortuneiPectocera fortunei

Coleoptera: Elateridae (click beetles)
Pectocera fortunei = hige-kometsuki

Location: Edge of a field near Genkai New Town (google map)

Year’s first longhorn

The first longhorn beetle of the year and, happily, it was a species I hadn’t found before. In fact, I spotted this one quite by accident – I was zooming in on a moth that had just landed on a leaf and there was the longhorn on the next leaf!

Asaperda rufipes rufipesAsaperda rufipes rufipes

Coleoptera: Cerambycidae
Asaperda rufipes rufipes
= kikusuimodoki-kamikiri

Location: Edge of a field near Genkai New Town (google map)

Harlequin Ladybird

This Asian Ladybird, or lady beetle, is also known as the Harlequin ladybird because of its diverse color variations. I often see them with two red spots on a black background, but it can also have many black spots on a red background, or be like this specimen with many red spots on a black background. Amazing variety! Here’s a link to a Wikipedia article about this famous species.

Harmonia axyridisHarmonia axyridis

Coleoptera: Coccinellidae (lady beetles)
Harmonia axyridis
Asian Ladybird = Harlequin Ladybird = nami-tentou

Location: In a field near Munakata Driving School (google map)

Koala Weevil

“Koala Weevil” is not the official name of this weevil, but it doesn’t have an English common name and Aya thought it looked like a koala hugging a branch! If you look closely, it has what are probably tiny aphid nymphs on the end of its rostrum (“nose”).

Interestingly, this weevil is being tested as a biological control agent for the invasive buddleia (Buddleja davidii) in New Zealand. NZ Plant Protection Society article here (pdf).

Mecysolobus erroMecysolobus erroMecysolobus erroMecysolobus erro

Coleoptera: Curculionidae (weevils)
Mecysolobus erro = hohojiro-ashinaga-zoumushi (literally: white-cheeked long-legged weevil)

Location: Edge of a field near Genkai New Town (google map)

Oriental Beetle

The oriental beetle (semadara-kogane) is a serious invasive pest species in the United States. It’s absent from the EU, but is on the A1 List of pests kept by the EPPO (European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization). Here’s a link to the EPPO data sheet on this species (pdf file).

Blitopertha orientalisBlitopertha orientalisBlitopertha orientalisBlitopertha orientalis

Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae
Blitopertha orientalis
[syn. Anomala orientalis]
oriental beetle = semadara-kogane

Location: Edge of a field near Genkai New Town (google map)

Leaf Beetle

I found this tiny leaf beetle on a sweet chestnut tree, but it did the usual leaf beetle “play-dead-and-fall-off-the leaf” trick. Quite a struggle to find it among the weeds below the tree. Not wanting to lose it again, I just snapped some shots of it crawling in the weeds!

Lema delicatulaLema delicatula

Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae (leaf beetles)
Lema delicatula = kiobi-kubiboso-hamushi

Location: Edge of a field near Genkai New Town (google map)

Swallowtail butterfly

On my way to the station this morning I found this newly emerged black swallowtail butterfly (jakou ageha) next to the remains of its chrysalis on a tree. It was exciting enough to find my first black swallowtail of the year, but still more exciting is the fact that this species shows Mullerian Mimicry (wikipedia article here) with a moth I photographed last year (here). I’ve combined the two in the fourth picture below so that you can compare them. As you can see, they are nearly identical. Remarkable!

Atrophaneura alcinousAtrophaneura alcinousAtrophaneura alcinousAtrophaneura alcinous

Lepidoptera: Papilionidae
Atrophaneura alcinous
Oriental black swallowtail butterfly = jakou ageha

Location: Yamada Village near Akama (Google map).

Black and Red Leaf Beetle

There were several of these black-spotted leaf beetles (kuroboshi tsutsuhamushi) at the side of the path. The males (first photo) were much smaller than the females (other photos).

Cryptocephalus signaticepsCryptocephalus signaticepsCryptocephalus signaticepsCryptocephalus signaticepsCryptocephalus signaticeps

Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae (hamushi-ka)
Cryptocephalus signaticeps
black-spotted leaf beetle = kuroboshi tsutsuhamushi

Location: Orchards near Yokoyama Village (Google map)