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Chlorophorus japonicus

Another of the longhorn beetles I found in a logpile (see this post). The small red dot on its leg is a parasitic mite. Coleoptera: Cerambycidae Chlorophorus japonicus = eguri-tora-kamikiri

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Monochamus subfasciatus

The third of the three species of longhorn beetles I found in a logpile (see this post). Its antennae were twice the length of its body, so it certainly was a long-horned longhorn beetle. Coleoptera: Cerambycidae Monochamus subfasciatus = hime-higenaga-kamikiri … Continue reading

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Ant-mimicking spider

I thought I was really taking a photo of an ant on a leaf… but after looking at the preview of the first shot to see whether it was in focus, I suddenly realized that it was in fact an … Continue reading

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This yellow cranefly (kiirohoso-gaganbo) was resting on a leaf in a neighbour’s garden. Diptera: Tipulidae Nephrotoma virgata = kiirohoso-gaganbo

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Noctuid Moth

Found on a forest track. Very easy to identify with the characteristic white spots on its forewings. Lepidoptera: Noctuidae Edessena hamada = ooshirahoshi-atsuba

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Noctuid Moth

This noctuid moth (haguruma-tomoe-ga) was in amongst the grass in a dry bushy area next to the forest. Its red abdomen was visible when it flew. Lepidoptera: Noctuidae Spirama helicina = haguruma-tomoe-ga

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Well, the weather’s hot and the mosquitoes are out in force again. I was trying to take photos of beetles in the forest this morning and, in the process, was donating blood to hundreds of mosquitoes. I need to start … Continue reading

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Leaf beetle

There were several of these colourful yellow-spotted leaf beetles (kiboshi-tsutsuhamushi) on some flowering sweet chestnut trees in the woods near our house. Quite a lot of other stuff too, which hopefully I’ll be able to identify and upload to this … Continue reading

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