Brown-eared Bulbul in Garden

Finally managed to get some shots of the brown-eared bulbul (hiyodori) that regularly visits our garden. I have a new bag hide (bought from wildlife watching supplies) and sat wrapped up in it on a deckchair about three meters from a bush on which I’d placed a few mikan (small oranges). The bulbul was still nervous, but didn’t seem to notice me so the hide did the trick. Amazing really since my kids said I looked far more scary wrapped up in the hide than otherwise (but not to birds obviously)!!

brown-eared bulbulbrown-eared bulbulbrown-eared bulbulbrown-eared bulbul

Order: Passeriformes
Family: Pycnonotidae
Brown-eared Bulbul = hiyodori
Microscelis amaurotis