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Longhorn Moth

Longhorn moths are pretty small but they have extremely long antennae (twice as long as the wings!). I’d never seen this type of moth before, but was lucky enough to find both a male and a female today. The female’s … Continue reading

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Woods & Fields

I spent about 4 hours wandering around the small area of woodland about 100 meters from our house. The area has several clearings (sweet chestnut groves), a couple of ponds, and some mikan (orange) groves. Hardly anyone ever goes there … Continue reading

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Tiny Longhorn

This longhorn beetle was tiny – only about 5mm long. It was crawling around on the dense white flower cluster of a cow/hedge parsley (umbelliferae) and looked at first to be just another fly. But then I realized that it … Continue reading

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Leaf Rolling Weevil

Caught a glimpse of something red and very nearly passed it by, thinking it was a ladybird, but decided to have a closer look. Surprised to find that instead of a ladybird it was my first leaf rolling weevil (ashinaga … Continue reading

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