December 2005

The seven-spot ladybird (nanahoshi-tentou-mushi) is just as common in Japan as it is in Europe.

Coccinella septempunctataCoccinella septempunctataCoccinella septempunctata

Coleoptera: Coccinellidae
Coccinella septempunctata = nanahoshi-tentou-mushi (seven-spot ladybird)

Lachnolebia cribricollisLachnolebia cribricollisLachnolebia cribricollisLachnolebia cribricollis

Coleoptera: Carabidae
Lachnolebia cribricollis = kikubi-ao-atokiri-gomimushi

Most species in the family Endomycidae feed on fungi and many are them are colorful (like this particular species), hence the name “handsome fungus beetles.”

Ancylopus pictusAncylopus pictusAncylopus pictusAncylopus pictus

Coleoptera: Endomychidae (“false ladybirds” or “handsome fungus beetles”)
Ancylopus pictus
= yotsuboshi-tentoudamushi (four-spotted false ladybird)