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Robber Fly

Robber Fly (abu) We get these robber flies in the garden throughout the summer. Because of their size, I’m always wary of them (for the sake of the kids!) but it seems that they are beneficial as they prey on … Continue reading

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Lizard on the deck

Our deck is one of the favourite basking places for the garden lizards. I hope they eat all the mosquitoes hanging around the garden – that would be a great help! Reptilia: Squamata (scaled reptiles): Lacertilia (lizards): Lacertidae (wall lizards) … Continue reading

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Spotted Scarlet Longhorn

A very beautiful longhorn beetle (kamikirimushi) flew into the garden this morning. It made a funny squeaking sound when I picked it up. The species wasn’t in my insect book, but I managed to find it after a quick image … Continue reading

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It’s firefly season and Japanese people love going out to watch the fireflies (hotaru) in the evening. We have a small park near us called Hotaro Sato, which is an excellent place to see fireflies. We went there on Saturday … Continue reading

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Pet Snail

Rei found a very nice snail (katatsumuri) and decided to keep “him” as a pet. We’re keeping him in a plastic box, with soil, leaves, twigs, and food (cabbage, carrot skins, and egg shells). He seems to be doing pretty … Continue reading

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