Potter wasp = Oreumenes decoratus
Japanese = suzu-bachi
Hymenoptera > Vespidae
August 2013 in Munakata (Fukuoka) near Koen-dori




Nine-spotted moth Amata fortunei fortunei
Japanese = Kanoko-ga
Lepidoptera > Arctiidae > Syntominae
August 2013 in Munakata (Fukuoka) near Koen-dori







Coleoptera: Curculionidae (weevils)
Sipalinus gigas
Japanese giant weevil = oo-zoumushi



Coleoptera: Coccinellidae
Rodolia limbata
= beni-heri-tentou



Class: Insecta; Order: Mantodea; Family: Mantidae
hime-kamakiri = Japanese Boxer Mantis
Acromantis japonica

Talanga quadrimaculalisTalanga quadrimaculalis

Lepidoptera: Crambidae (grass moths)
Talanga quadrimaculalis = yotsuboshi-no-meiga

Location: Wooded area next to Munakata Common (Google map)

Cryptocephalus perelegansCryptocephalus perelegans

Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae:
Cryptocephalus perelegans = kiboshi-tsutsuhamushi

Location: Wooded area next to Munakata Common (Google map)

It was great to go out for a nature walk today — I’ve been too busy recently. It was only in my local area and just for a couple of hours. The highlight was finding a new (to me) species of longhorn beetle. It’s a small species (5mm) so I was pretty lucky to spot this pair on a branch in the forest.

Lemula decipiensLemula decipiens

Coleoptera: Cerambycidae:
Lemula decipiens = kibane-nise-hamushi-hana-kamikiri

Location: “Cow Valley” near Fureiai no Mori (Google map)

Magnificent!! This is the largest species of dragonfly in Japan and, at 10cm long, it’s an impressive sight. This one was zooming around a clearing and it flew just above my head several times before settling on a remarkably convenient perch — convenient enough for me to sneak up and take lots of photos. I was amazed at how tolerant he was of me and I managed to get within about 50cm before he flew away. A few fly-bys later he settled back on the exact same plant so I took even more photos. I loved the way he cleaned his big green eyes with his forelegs — he’s got to keep his eyes clean to hunt on the wing.

Anotogaster sieboldiiAnotogaster sieboldiiAnotogaster sieboldiiAnotogaster sieboldii

Odonata: Cordulegastridae
Anotogaster sieboldii
golden-ringed dragonfly = oni-yanma

Location: Yokoyama Village near Munakata Common (Google map link)

I often see these big black and white weevils hanging onto leaves like a cross between a koala and a (very small) panda! They walk very deliberately and drop off the leaf when disturbed. I think they are among my favourites.

Mesalcidodes trifidusMesalcidodes trifidusMesalcidodes trifidus

Coleoptera: Curculionidae (weevils)
Mesalcidodes trifidus
Weevil = ojiro-ashi-naga-zoumushi

Location: Yokoyama Village near Munakata Common (Google map link)

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