Longhorn Beetles

Today was Longhorn Beetle day for me! I went out for 4 hours between downpours and walked around my local area to see what I could find. Everywhere I looked I spotted longhorns: 9 species in total. Not bad. Well, just to put that figure into perspective… there are about 800 species of longhorn beetle in Japan!

Psacothea hilaris hilarisPrionus insularis
Left = Psacothea hilaris hilaris; Right = Prionus insularis

Chlorophorus quinquefasciatusChlorophorus annularis
Left = Chlorophorus quinquefasciatus; Right = Chlorophorus annularis

Paraglenea fortuneiAllotraeus rufescens
Left = Paraglenea fortunei; Right = Allotraeus rufescens

Uraecha bimaculataMesosa longipennis
Left = Uraecha bimaculata; Right = Mesosa longipennis

Monochamus subfasciatus
Monochamus subfasciatus

Coleoptera: Cerambycidae:
Longhorn beetles = kamikiri

Location: Munakata Common (Google map)

Rove beetle: Ontholestes gracilis

I thought this was some kind of dragonfly nymph at first. However, it was on the underside of a big mushroom — a pretty weird place to find one. Taking a closer look, I could see it was a type of rove beetle (hanekakushi), but unlike any I’d seen before. Apparently, they feed on mushrooms and carrion.

Ontholestes gracilisOntholestes gracilisOntholestes gracilis

Coleoptera: Staphylinidae
Ontholestes gracilis
Rove beetle = sabi-hanekakushi

Location: forest area near Ikeda Village in Munakata (aerial photo)
Map: Google map link

Longhorn: Leptura ochraceofasciata

It’s very hot and humid today and rain is forecast so I almost didn’t go out… But I couldn’t resist the urge to go and look for beetles! The best find of the day was this flower longhorn beetle, which I’d never seen before. It’s very wasp-like in appearance.

Leptura ochraceofasciataLeptura ochraceofasciataLeptura ochraceofasciataLeptura ochraceofasciata

Coleoptera: Cerambycidae
Leptura ochraceofasciata
Four-banded flower longhorn beetle (my translation) = yotsu-suji-hana-kamikiri

Location: Near Genkai Golf Club in Munakata (map here)

Xanthochroa hilleri

Walking home from the train station last night, I stopped at every vending machine to see what had been attracted to the lights. This is a false blister beetle (“false longhorn” is the translation of the Japanese).

Xanthochroa?hilleriXanthochroa hilleri

Coleoptera: Oedemeridae (false blister beetles):
Xanthochroa hilleri
False blister beetle = ki-iro-kamikiri-modoki

Location: Munakata Common (map)

Ozotomerus nigromaculatus

I walked the 6km from the train station to my house last night — arriving home around midnight. This was by choice of course because I wanted to check for insects on all the vending machines, which act as great light traps in the countryside. There are about 20 on the way home. I found a few moths, bugs, and beetles. The most interesting was this fungus weevil; something I’d never seen before. It is not a true weevil because it lacks a rostrum (“snout”) and this species has unusually shaped antennae.

Ozotomerus nigromaculatusOzotomerus nigromaculatusOzotomerus nigromaculatusOzotomerus nigromaculatus

Coleoptera: Anthribidae (fungus weevils):
Ozotomerus nigromaculatus
Fungus Weevil = futamon-tsutsu-hige-naga-zoumushi

Location: Munakata Common (map)

Weevil: Aplotes roelofsi

I spent a couple of hours rooting around in what should be called “mosquito city” — an overgrown and forgotten corner of my local community that seems to be the main source of all the mosquitoes in the area. Being an altruistic soul, I fed them thoroughly so hopefully they will leave everyone else alone for a while!!
And the reason I spent so long there… I found lots of interesting things to photograph. The best find for me today was this rather nice weevil. Very tropical-looking!

Aplotes roelofsiAplotes roelofsiAplotes roelofsi

Coleoptera: Curculionidae:
Aplotes roelofsi
Weevil = tohoshi-osa-zoumushi

Location: Munakata Common (map)