It’s a pity but I couldn’t find an English common name for this beautiful moth. The literal translation of the Japanese name is “two-eyed big white princess geometrid” I think!

Problepsis albidior

Lepidoptera: Geometridae
Problepsis albidior
= futatsu-me-oo-shiro-hime-shaku

Location: fureiai-no-mori Forest Park in Munakata (map here)

I’m pretty certain that this identification is correct, but this butterfly has different markings to the typical ones in all of my butterfly and insect books, which are for mainland Japan. However, the markings are very similar to those for the same species found in Tsushima (between here and Korea): website here.

Lethe diana

Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae
Lethe diana

Location: In the forest above Yokoyama Village in Munakata (map).

Papilio xuthusPapilio xuthusPapilio xuthus

Lepidoptera: Papilionidae
Papilio xuthus
Swallowtail = namiageha

Location: Munakata Common

Epirrhoe supergressaEpirrhoe supergressa

Lepidoptera: Geometridae
Epirrhoe supergressa supergressa
= futashiro-suji-namishaku

Location: Munakata Common

This large moth looks like a dead leaf. When disturbed it flies a few metres and immediately settles at the base of a tree or among dead leaves. Despite its size (around 70mm wingspan), it is surprisingly difficult to spot. At first I thought that the forewings were damaged, but it’s actually part of the pattern! It’s remarkable how the pattern includes a “shadow” effect, making it look like a ragged edge.(see more pictures here)

Erebus ephesperisErebus ephesperis

Lepidoptera: Noctuidae
Erebus ephesperis
= oo-tomoe-ga

Location: Back road towards Yamada Village in Munakata (google map)

This small moth looked like a bird dropping.

Dysaethria cretaceaDysaethria cretacea

Lepidoptera: Uraniidae
Dysaethria cretacea
= kisuji-shiro-futao

Location: Back road towards Yamada Village in Munakata (google map)

Oruza glaucotornaOruza glaucotorna

Lepidoptera: Noctuidae
Oruza glaucotorna
= mon-shiro-kuruma-koyaga

Location: Back road towards Yamada Village in Munakata (google map)

I’ve seen plenty of these butterflies before, but this was the first time that I managed to get a close-up shot with the wings open. It’s a bit tatty, though!

Narathura japonica japonicaNarathura japonica japonica

Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae:
Narathura japonica japonica
= murasaki-shijimi

Location: In sweet chestnut grove next to Munakata Common (Google map)

Until you get close to them, these clearwing moths (sukashiba) look remarkably like wasps. They even imitate wasps in their flight behavior, flying actively from leaf to leaf during daylight.

Toleria contaminataToleria contaminata
Toleria contaminataToleria contaminataToleria contaminata

Lepidoptera: Sesiidae
Toleria contaminata
= hachimagai-sukashiba-ga

Location: In sweet chestnut grove next to Munakata Common (Google map)

Daimio tethysDaimio tethys

Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae (skippers)
Daimio tethys
= daimyou-seseri

Location: In orchards and bamboo/pine forest above Yokoyama Village (Google map)

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